I am a complete beginner is that ok?

Absolutely, we welcome everyone at RUCKUS.

In fact, sometimes being a beginner is perfect because you can learn new skills and techniques without any previous (potentially bad) habits getting in the way.

We understand it can be really intimidating starting something new, especially combat style training so you can rest assured this is a great place to begin your journey!


What are you doing about all this crazy COVID stuff?

We're brand new. So no COVID in here. And the goal is simple, to keep the gym free from not only COVID but all potential health risks incl staph infections, ringworm etc.

We clean before and after each session, you will be a part of this to help prepare for your teammates training after you.

Sanitiser (with Vitmain E, cos we're classy bitches) is all over the shop and when you come in you'll get lasered and have a couple of pumps.

We also have the required "Safe Plan" in place and remind you that it is every team members responsibility to come to training clean, healthy and symptom free. If you believe there is even the slightest risk of you bringing any type of virus/infection into the gym... DO NOT ATTEND. Go get checked and then when you're all clear get your ass back on the mats.

Is this just a gym for boys?

No way José! Or more accurately Josefina!

RUCKUS came about (in part) because of "the ladies"!

Yes the Head Coach is a boy, but he grew up with 3 (amazing) sisters, so fully understands and supports girl power. We want you to learn how to throw "7 different kinds of smoke" and embody our moto of  #toughbutcute.

We have built a gym that is home to everyone, as long as they are good people. Check out our instagram for some of the ladies that already train with us and by all means come by and meet the coach so you can see for yourself.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you like, as long as it's training appropriate. By that we really mean safe clothing so nothing too baggy that may impede movement. It does get pretty warm when you're throwing some hands so hoodies might be a bit much.

This does beg the question - can I take my shirt off?... Urm... Nah dude, this is a fitness facility, not a strip club, save it for the beach Hasselhoff.

Also be mindful that there are NO SHOES on the training mats and you will be training predominantly barefoot so simple shoes/thongs work really well.

What should I bring?

You won't need much, your gloves, wraps, a towel and a water bottle.

Other than that just your lovely self and some positive vibes, you can also bring all your hassles and frustrations because this is the place to beat the living shit out of them.

Can I bring my own gloves?

Yep, you can bring your gloves, check with the coach to make sure they are fit for purpose and you're good to go.

Please note that competition MMA gloves will not be permitted, minimum glove weight is 8oz regardless of type.

Can I use quick wraps?

Unfortunately not.

Quick wraps are a great (and lazy) way to break your hands. Yes they are "quick" and "easy" but sometimes the "hard" way is the right way!

We have wraps to buy or you're more than welcome to bring your own. We also provide video tutorials on how best to wrap for RUCKUS specific sessions.


There are MANY ways to wrap your hands, after 30 years of training and competing we know what works and we know what's safe so you're in good "hands" (cheesy pun intended).

How many people are in a class?

We keep the sessions pretty tight, we want to make sure you get the most from your coaching/training experience with us.

Session numbers may vary but won't exceed 12 participants.

Is there any contact/sparring?

Nope. Never.

We coach real, usable combat techniques BUT we promote a zero contact policy.

We really wanted to create an authentic "old school" vibe but without the often daunting feeling of sparring or potentially getting hurt during physical exchanges.

Will I have to hold pads?


Holding pads is an art in itself. If you ever have a 1 on 1 with a RUCKUS coach you'll appreciate this more than ever.

We don't want you guys & girls paying your hard earned pennies to stand there like a lemon getting pummelled by someone throwing windmill arms.

The ONLY people who hold pads at RUCKUS are the coaches.

Can I freeze my membership?


Any membership has a 2 week "freeze" option. We think it's pretty fair to allow 2 freeze periods per year (you can combine these if necessary).

Can I train 1 on 1?


1 on 1's are a great way to improve your technique, work on fitness and really grow your confidence in your new found skills.

Our coaches put A LOT into every session and are in high demand so have a chat with them and see what options are available.

Are you easy to find?

We are! Look out for the RUCKUS signage or the giant chainsaw and orange STIHL flags on Taren Point Rd and if you get lost or stuck just give us a call!

Where should I park?

There is plenty of parking close to us and if you struggle just ask us and we'll throw you some specific spots.

Due to the times of training sessions Box Rd is a (max) 2-3 minute walk and an ideal place to park. Yes, that's right, a 3 minute walk, if that's a major issue you probably need us more than anyone!

Is there somewhere I can change?

There is. Our toilet facilities are more than big enough for you to get changed in, they're also kept super clean so you won't get poop on your nice work clothes.

Are children allowed?

For safety and insurance reasons, no.

We know its tough to manage a family but we really want you to be present and selfish in your training here so we've opted to keep minimum training age in the gym to 18yrs.

The only exception to this is if a child 16+, is accompanied by an adult and has their own fully paid membership.

I'm scared. Help?!

That's totally natural and quite frankly if you waltzed through the door thinking you were King/Queen shit you'd probably be kindly asked to bugger off anyway.


You're meant to feel a little nervous. That's ok, but RUCKUS is here for YOU!

Our whole mission is to create an accepting, encouraging environment where everyone is welcome. Respect is numero uno. And if at any point you feel intimidated or disrespected you come and see the coach, because the coach ALWAYS has your back.